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C. B. Gitty

The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup

  • The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup
  • The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup
  • The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup
  • The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup
  • The GittyBomb - Extreme Output Cigar Box Guitar Pickup


At approx. 14K Ohms, The Gitty Bomb is our hottest pickup ever. If our pickups were peppers, this would be the Carolina Reaper.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

Shane Speal says, "The Gitty Bomb sustains notes like a Santana solo.  Adding some overdrive makes it scream like a banshee.  I didn't know I'd love this pickup so much!"

Perfect for "Ghosting" (hiding the pickup under the soundboard/pickguard).   


Proudly presenting the HIGHEST OUTPUT version of our most popular cigar box guitar pickup! There are several different ways you can mount it:  On top with our mounting rings, by routing a hole in the cigar box top or "ghosted" as seen in the video above.

The humbucker design makes it quieter than single coil pickups. 

  • Dimensions: 1.875 wide x 1.626" high x ~ 3/8" in. thick 
  • Impedance: ~13.9-14.1k Ohms!!!
  • Each pickup is sealed with varnish for the best protection of the copper wires.
  • Precision wound, varnished & tested to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA, right here in Gonic, New Hampshire, the home of C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply.

Add a convenient mounting ring/cover and screw this pickup directly to the soundboard of your instrument with no cutting or other modifications needed. The covers are laser-cut from night light Baltic birch plywood, and when installed stand just 0.20 inches high.


The Gitty Bomb Mounting System

Basic usage info:

  • the bar magnet should be perpendicular to the strings, not in parallel with them. Should be mounted so that the magnet is facing up, and branding label facing down.
  • The red wire is positive. The black is ground.
  • When installed as a "ghosting" pickup, we recommend placing it in the neck position.
  • When installed on top of the soundboard, we recommend placing it in the bridge position for the best clarity.
  • The copper wires can be fragile. Take care when installing to avoid pulling or damaging of the copper windings or installation wires.

These pickups are the next generation of our popular line of GittyBucker and WickedBucker pickups, created by Marty Tauber, and carry forward a legacy of design used by cigar box guitar legend Dan Sleep and first created by cigar box guitarist/inventor, Elmar Zeilhofer.

We feel legacy is very important with products such as these - so we are proud to say that these GittyBucker pickups are made in full cooperation with Marty Tauber and with the full approval of the original inventor Elmar Zeilhofer, and in memory of Dan Sleep. Note: Elmar still hand-crafts his Original Flatpups in Austria where he lives - you can learn more about them on his site

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