Handmade Music Factory - Homemade Instrument How-To Book by Mike Orr



If you have ever thought that only the experts can build great musical instruments, think again!

This is a beautiful, well-written and above all FUN intro to building handmade instruments at home from commonly available materials. Mike Orr is a veteran of the cigar box guitar movement and in this book he presents a number of fun, easy-to-build projects to get you started on building fun-to-play and great-sounding musical instruments at home.

Here is what the publisher has to say about this book:

Hand-making musical instruments is part of a growing trend that even celebrities such as Johnny Depp and guitar legend Jack White are taking part in.

It doesn't require a lot of money or an expertise in woodworking and electronics, all it takes is a little creativity. In Handmade Music Factory, handyman Mike Orr guides you through the construction of eight of the most unique and imaginative instruments found anywhere - from a one-string guitar made from a soup can, to a hubcap banjo, and a stand-up lap steel guitar made from a vintage ironing board.

There are also directions for an amp that can be assembled using inexpensive parts from the local electronics store. There's no shortage of inspiration to draw upon in creating an arsenal of instruments that look good, sound great, and deliver some foot stompin' fun!                               

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