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C. B. Gitty

8-pack Black Box Corners

  • 8-pack Black Box Corners
  • 8-pack Black Box Corners
  • 8-pack Black Box Corners
  • 8-pack Black Box Corners


This is a pack of eight (8) shiny black metal box corners, perfect for a wide range of craft and woodworking purposes. They also make GREAT accents for Cigar Box Guitars! The two "legs" of these box corners are about 1 1/4" long, and the height/depth is about 1/2"

These packs include 16 black-plated mounting screws, enough for all 8 corners of a standard cigar box (four on the top, four on the bottom). Adding metal corners is not only a beautiful, distinctive decorative touch, but also helps protect the corners of your cigar box from tears and dings. Please note that these pieces have a crimped corner, which will stick out from the box edge a slight amount, and that the exact amount of the crimping can vary slightly from corner to corner. Also they have an internal radius on the corner point, so you may need to file the point off of your box corner to get them to sit flush against the sides. 

This is a great price on these parts. Also be sure to check out our shiny nickel and brass-finish box corners in the same design!

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