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C. B. Gitty

Gold Mandolin/Cigar Box Guitar Tailpiece


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  • Gold Mandolin/Cigar Box Guitar Tailpiece
  • The chrome version of this tailpiece, shown with holes drilled for use on cigar box guitar. Tailpieces do not come pre-drilled with these holes.
  • Gold Mandolin/Cigar Box Guitar Tailpiece
  • Gold Mandolin/Cigar Box Guitar Tailpiece
  • Gold Mandolin/Cigar Box Guitar Tailpiece


This is a decorative gold-plated tailpiece, designed for use on a mandolin, but also perfect for a cigar box guitar! As shown in the photo above, beneath the removable faceplate cover are pegs meant for loop-end mandolin strings. But a CBG builder can easily drill three or four holes in the front curved lip of the tailpiece to accompdate ball-end strings instead! One possible modification for CBG usage is shown in the photo to the left (the chrome variety of tailpiece is shown, for illustrative purposes only). Please note that this tailpiece does not come pre-drilled, it is up to you to modify it to your needs!

Please see the photos below for sizing reference for this tailpiece. The larger hole in the center of the screw plate is ideal for a jack or strap button! Three mounting screws are included with this product.

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