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Piezo Cable Acoustic Instrument Pickup

  • Piezo Cable Acoustic Instrument Pickup
  • Piezo Cable Acoustic Instrument Pickup


This is a flexible cable-style piezo pickup for acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. This is an entirely different style of piezo than the more common disks or rigid rods, and consists of a long flexible piezo element inside a copper sheath. These are designed to be installed beneath the saddle on an acoustic guitar, and are better able to conform to various surfaces. However, their unique flexible design allows all sorts of creativity when it comes to out you install and use them. 
Please note that to the best of our knowledge, these cannot be cut to shorter lengths like standard rod piezos can. It is also not recommended that you bend them in half or crimp them too tightly at the bend, as this could ruin the pickup and cause a short.

The length of the copper-sheathed pickup portion is 2 7/8", and the overall length is 17" (13" lead). The lead terminates in a 2.5mm mono male plug. If you want to direct wire this to a pot or jack, just cut off the plug, unweave the silver ground/shielding wire to expose the insulated positive wire inside, and you'll be all set.
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