Custom-Printed One-string Canjo - Upload Your Own Design!


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  • Custom-Printed One-string Canjo - Upload Your Own Design!
  • Custom-Printed One-string Canjo - Upload Your Own Design!
  • Custom-Printed One-string Canjo - Upload Your Own Design!

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This is a one-string acoustic canjo, offered under the American Canjo Company(tm) brand by C. B. Gitty. These instruments are hand-made in the C. B. Gitty workshops in New Hampshire, USA. They are fun and easy to play, well-made and look great - all at a great price.

What makes this particular canjo listing extra special is that we will custom-print the label with YOUR artwork. Upload a photo or other graphic and we'll print it right on the can's label. Please note: the label size is a rectangle about 5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide, and wraps around the can with the longer ends of the rectangle wrapping around the bottom edges of the can. Please let us know how you want your image oriented on the label (specifically, what portion of your image you want top-and-center on the can, and what way you want it oriented), otherwise we'll make our best guess. 

We also include a free 2-page "How-to-Play" guide by C. B. Gitty, along with two picks and a spare string! Also be sure to check out the Canjo Song Tablature section of the knowledgebase over at for an ever-growing list of popular and traditional songs you can play on these instruments!

This instrument is fretted diatonically, which means that all of the "in between" notes are left out - so it is almost impossible to hit a "wrong" note on it. It puts out a great twangy sound, perfect for practicing or back porch pickin'.

These canjos are strung with an unwound plain steel string of .012" or .013" gauge. The special metal cans are labeled with a custom-designed automotive-grade vinyl American Canjo Company label. The frets used on the neck are nickel-silver "Medium" frets.

Overall Length: 27 3/4"
Scale Length: 24 1/2"
Fretting: Diatonic
Can Size: 5.5" Long x 2.5" Diameter

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For how-to-play information, visit the knowledgebase at!
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