C. B. Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar #1: Romeo & Julieta 3-Stringer

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  • C. B. Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar  #1: Romeo & Julieta 3-Stringer
  • C. B. Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar  #1: Romeo & Julieta 3-Stringer
  • C. B. Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar  #1: Romeo & Julieta 3-Stringer
  • C. B. Gitty Standard Model Cigar Box Guitar  #1: Romeo & Julieta 3-Stringer
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This beautiful cigar box guitar is one of C. B. Gitty's standard production models, and is packed with great features. Built in C. B. Gitty's workshop, located in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, USA, these are great little cigar box instruments - if you have been looking for a great-sounding, well-made cigar box guitar that you can tune up and start playing right out of the box, then look no further!

Check out the great features and specifications of these guitars below. Please note that these are handmade instruments, and that the appearance of individual instruments may vary slightly due to differences in wood grains, etc. There may also be very minor differences in hardware, such as black bushings on the tuners instead of gold, but overall these are identical cigar box guitars. The instrument shown in the photographs is representative of this model and is not the exact guitar you will receive.


  • Nice red Romeo & Julietta Paper-covered Cigar Box
  • Chrome skull sealed-gear tuners
  • Natural, lightly oiled hard maple neck
  • Hand-marked Fret markers
  • Antique brass screened sound hole covers
  • Shiny Chrome box corners
  • Nice threaded rod/pipe bridge
  • Embedded piezo pickup
  • Chrome string ferrules
Scale Length 25"
Overall Length 35"
Box Size 8"W x 6 5/8" H x 2 1/2" D
Number of Strings 3
Intended Tuning G B D
Fretted No
Neck Wood Hard Maple
Pickup Style Disk Piezo


A cigar box guitar is a rude, often crude, gritty home-made instrument, and there aren't really any rules when it comes to making them. They are about as far as you can get from the glossy, soul-less factory-made instruments hanging on the walls of most music stores today. The CBGs we sell are meant to invoke the sorts of instruments that the founding fathers of blues would have built from stuff they had laying around - an old empty cigar box for the body, a piece of scrap lumber for the neck, scrap pieces of woods, lengths of bolt, old keys, etc for the nut and bridge, miscellaneous hardware such as a hinge half for the tailpiece.

Every instrument that bears the C. B. Gitty name is built to a minimum standard of quality and playability, but you need to know that cigar box guitars are for the most part primitive and primal instruments that bear little resemblance to the shiny mass-produced things you see hanging on the wall of a guitar store. Each one is a unique, hand-made creation, as much instrument as art. They may have some rough edges, some nicks and scuffs, some "interesting" intonations, high actions, a bit of twang or sitar-buzz on certain strings, etc. That is part of what the CBG is all about. There are builders out there who turn out high-end professional-grade cigar box instruments, and charge hundreds of dollars for them, and that is fine. You just need to know that these instruments are built with a different purpose in mind. If all of that sounds good to you, then great! If it makes your blood pressure shoot up and causes you to start muttering about "real" instruments and the finely honed traditions of luthiery... then you probably shouldn't buy one of these!


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