Torano Exodus Toro Grande Empty Cigar Box


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  • Torano Exodus Toro Grande Empty Cigar Box
  • Torano Exodus Toro Grande Empty Cigar Box
  • Torano Exodus Toro Grande Empty Cigar Box


Box Brand: Torano Exodus Toro Grande

Box Materials: MDF

Box Measurements: 10" wide x 6 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" deep

Primary Color: Various

Accents: Various

Notes: A nice big above-average-size MDF box for cigar box guitars, with great decorations/branding. The beautiful artwork on these boxes sets them above many others. They can present unique challenges, due to the inset Torano Exodus logo, which appears to be pewter. These boxes would make great Electric Cigar Box guitars.

About our cigar boxes: We resell only high-quality, hand-made cigar boxes that once held premium cigars. All of our cigar box offers are on a limited-time basis, since we have a limited supply in stock, with no guarantee of any particular brand, style or size. Please note that these cigar boxes may have some vestiges of their former life, such labels and stickers, as well as minor scuffs, dents, labeling or marks. This is exactly the same way that you would get boxes from your local cigar store.

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