3A American Hickory "Work Horse" Drumsticks (1 pair)

  • 3A American Hickory "Work Horse" Drumsticks (1 pair)
  • 3A American Hickory "Work Horse" Drumsticks (1 pair)
  • 3A American Hickory "Work Horse" Drumsticks (1 pair)


Made to be tough and affordable - every stick is carefully checked for straightness. Made here in New Hampshire by master drumstick-maker Jeff Rich. Great for the working drummer! 3A's are a bit thicker, with a barrel tip, a short taper and a little more length, for more aggressive playing. 

This is a pair of high-quality, Made-in-the-USA hickory drumsticks, in the classic 3A style with barrel tips, short taper, a ~0.58-inch (~14.7mm) diameter and 16.2-inch (411.4mm) overall length.

Jeff has been making drum sticks for 35 years and has perfected some special methods for making his sticks last far longer than any others on the market - three to five times longer in fact. He starts by hand-selecting the best hickory logs, ensuring he gets the exact species and type of log he wants. Then he has them re-sawn into boards, which then get further milled to the right diameter. Next he mills them into dowels using a special process and machine he built himself. The dowels are then cut to length and milled to shape and with their special tip. Finally the raw sticks are cured using a secret process Jeff developed over the course of years, which renders them SUPER TOUGH and durable, so that they can outlast other sticks even under the heaviest drumming conditions.

These sticks have been treated with our proprietary wax treatment, developed by Jeff over the years for that perfect grip and feel.  Individual drumsticks will either be lighter in color or slightly darker, or even "bi-color", depending on whether they were made from the heart wood or sap wood of the hickory logs - the coloration of the wood does not affect their durability.

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