Fretless Canjo

 Whatever happened to using your hands and imagination to create, to problem-solve, and to have fun?


What if in one short afternoon you could ignite a child's imagination, and inspire a future maker?


And what if it took only a couple of screwdrivers, and a willingness to have fun, to make that happen?


With the Fretless Canjo from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, you will give your child the thrill of hands-on, project-based, musical fun, and open the door to a bright, new future.




The Fretless Canjo Kit is a small collection of simple parts waiting to be decorated by a creative mind. 


And with just a bit of adult supervision, the entire kit goes together in under 20 minutes.


In that short time, your child learns basic skills using hand tools to assemble his or her canjo.


From there the door to a whole new world of making music is flung open, and your child learns that he or she can play a musical instrument.




The C. B. Gitty Fretless Canjo is easy to play because of its...


Short scale - perfect for smaller hands and bodies

Nylon string - easy on small fingers and holds up under hard play

Play by numbers - numbers on the canjo neck show the player exactly where to put his or her finger

No-wrong-notes system - the fret lines are based on the Do Re Mi scale, making playing music mistake-free and fun






With only a handful of parts, the C. B. Gitty Fretless Canjo is easy to assemble.


The parts are...


a pre-drilled neck

a pre-drilled can

a tuner

5 screws

a string and a washer






The only tools you need are... 


 a #1 Phillips head screwdriver

 a #1 flat-head or slotted screwdriver

 a pair of pliers (optional)

 and a square (optional)





There's a world of resources out there to teach anyone, anywhere how to play his or her canjo, including...


The American Canjo Songbook - a compilation of 53 timeless and easy-to-play songs


and - the foremost resource for building and playing handmade musical instruments, including tablature for your C. B. Gitty Fretless Canjo






The next step...


Once bitten by the maker-bug, you'll want to build and play other handmade musical instruments.


At C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply we have kits to build a variety of instruments such as

full-size, fretted canjos

diddley bows

cigar box guitars


and amplifiers, too!


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