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Grommet Setting Die for 1" (OD) Grommets

  • Grommet Setting Die for 1" (OD) Grommets
  • Grommet Setting Die for 1" (OD) Grommets
  • Grommet Setting Die for 1" (OD) Grommets
  • Grommet Setting Die for 1" (OD) Grommets


This two-piece die is used to set grommets into fabric, canvas, leather, thin wood or other sheet materials, They are designed for use specifically with our 1" screened grommets. This is a solid steel die which should work fine for mounting thousands of grommets, when properly used. They can be used with a simple hammer and vise, or you could figure out a way to install them in an arbor press if you are looking at serious production work.

We do not include instructions with these dies, but here is a general guide to their use:

  1. Secure the bottom die part (the shallower one with the groove for the face of the grommet) in a vise or other secure arrangement,
  2. Place the grommet face down in the bottom die part.
  3. Cut a hole in your material roughly the same size as the grommet flange diameter
  4. Place the hole over the flange on the grommet in the bottom die part.
  5. Place a washer over the grommet flange and material, so that the rounded part is up.
  6. Fit the top die part over the grommet flange so that the protruding part of the die is inside the grommet flange.
  7. Using a mallet or small hammer, carefully tap the stem of the top die do that the grommet flange is expanded and flattened down over the washer.
  8. You should be able to tell when it has been fully flattened. Don't continue to bash away at it too much once it is firmly seated.
  9. Repeat!
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