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Cigar Box Nation

Classic Weathered Logo Cigar Box Nation T-Shirt

Print-on-Demand from (see below)
  • Basic model, starting at $12.99. Available in Black, dark gray or Navy Blue.
  • Premium model (white printing on dark fabric), starting at $18.49 Available in a wide range of dark, rich colors.
  • Premium model (black printing on light fabric), starting at $18.49. Available in a range of light, cheerful colors.


These shirts feature the classic Cigar Box Nation "weathered logo" design, which Shane Speal created nearly a decade ago for some of the first Nation shirts. Now the tradition continues, with this famous design being available for the first time in a wider range of styles and colors, via our partnership with a custom print-on-demand service!

There are three versions of this shirt design now available, all through our sister site Clicking on the image links below will open a new window for (where you will need to place a separate order from any you might have going here on



A basic model that features white printing on 3 dark colors (black, navy and asphalt) available in Small through 3XL.

Starting at $14.99



A premium model with white printing on a variety of rich dark-colored fabrics, available in Small through 4XL.

Starting at $18.49



A premium model with black printing on a variety of vibrant, light-colored fabrics, available in Small through 4XL.

Starting at $18.49


This design is also available in many more clothing styles and colors on Sweatshirts and hoodies, tank tops, womens' and kids' styles, even coffee mugs and totes!



About and print-on-demand ordering:

As of September 2019, C. B. Gitty has switched over entirely to "print-on-demand" fulfillment for all T-shirts and other clothing. This allows us to offer a much wider range of designs and types of items (sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, women's and kids' items, housewares, etc) without having to physically invest in large numbers of items for inventory.

Instead of trying to mash all of these items and varieties (over 100 and counting) onto, Ben Gitty decided to set up a separate storefront site, organized just for this purpose. That site is, and it houses not just cigar box guitar-related designs but also some of Ben's hobo and train-related items as well. 

Orders placed on are entirely separate from those placed here on, and cannot be combined and do not apply towards any promotions, sales, free shipping or other offers found on this site. There may occasionally be promotions and sales for items. When you place your order on, it will be fulfilled by our partnered print-on-demand service - printing and fulfillment lead time estimates will be shown during the order completion process. 

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