Mrs. Gitty's Workshop Soaps & More Gift Box

  • Mrs. Gitty's Workshop Soaps & More Gift Box
  • Mrs. Gitty's Workshop Soaps & More Gift Box
  • Mrs. Gitty's Workshop Soaps & More Gift Box
  • Gitty's Miracle Wood Oil - revitalizing treatment for necks, fretboards, wooden cigar boxes and more.
  • "Ben's Blend" workshop soap, featuring a custom scent blend created by Ben "Gitty" Baker.
  • "Woodsman" workshop soap, featuring a nice woodsy, smoky fragrance.
  • Blues Bar Soap - keep your favorite blues man or woman clean!
  • The original Gitty Workshop Soap, featuring pumice for exfoliation and dirt removal.
  • Gitty's Box Balm - a great polishing blend for wood and cigar boxes.
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Here is a perfect gift idea for the cigar box guitar enthusiast in your life (or their significant other) - the Mrs. Gitty Workshop Soap Sampler! Featuring four bars of Dawn "Mrs. Gitty" Baker's artisan handcrafted soaps, as well as a vial of our Miracle Wood Oil and a tin of our Box Balm ointment, you'll be all cleaned up, lubricated and ready to go. As an added bonus, this gift pack comes packaged in a beautiful all-wood Arturo Fuente "8-5-8 Flor Fina" cigar box, which can be used for further crafting! Mrs. Gitty makes all of these great items as part of her Craft of the Raven artisan soaping business.

Here is what this kit contains:

  • One two (2)-ounce bottle of Gitty's Miracle Wood oil. This is a secret blend of mineral and essential oils formulated specifically for use on wood to revitalize it and bring out a lustrous shine. This is a great thing to keep on your workbench, for use any time you need to "liven up" a fretboard, neck, cigar box or other wooden part.
  • One five (5)-ounce tin of Gitty's Box Balm. This is a multi-purpose treatment for wooden cigar boxes, necks and fretboards and more! This is a variation on the "lotion bar" concept, and features a custom blend of essential oils and butters and natural oil base.  It is also great for your hands... especially in the drier winter months when they tend to get dry and chapped! And when it's empty, you can use the tin as a small resonator!
  • One five (5)-ounce bar of Gitty's Workshop Soap, a handcrafted artisan soap featuring a special blend of essential oils and natural ingredients (including pumice) to help you scrub your hands nice and clean - and leave theme with a nice scent too!
  • One five (5)-ounce bar of Blues Bar soap, another original design featuring beautiful blue and black colors and featuring a rich clean scent. 
  • One five (5)-ounce bar of Woodsman soap, featuring wood grain texture and a smoky, woodsy scent.
  • One five (5)-ounce bar of "Ben's Blend" soap, featuring a fragrance that Ben "Gitty" helped formulate, blending Lime, Black Pepper and Basic fragrance into a nice clean profile.

As with any such products, test a small amount on your skin to make sure you are not allergic to any of the natural oils

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