CLEARANCE: Padauk "Rail Runner" Bridge for Cigar Box Guitars with Endpin Strap button Jack



These beautiful bridges were introduced as the first generation of our popular "Rail Runner" Cigar Box Guitar bridges. We've since streamlined and improved the design, and we found we had a number of leftovers from the first run. So now we're offering them to discerning builders at an irresistible price!

These beautiful hardwood bridges were designed for use on  cigar box guitars. They are bare-bones simple, with an embedded rod piezo pickup, and a brass saddle piece set into gorgeous exotic hardwood. Just notch the saddle for the number of strings you want, and then either leave the bridge floating or mount it to your box lid, drill a hole for the jack and you're good to go.

These bridges are about 2.75" long and roughly 3/8" in total height, including the saddle. The width of the bridge base (top to bottom) is about 1 3/32".  The lead for the piezo is approximately 10".

Also included is a 1/4" endpin strap button jack with a 2.5mm jack attached.

These are proudly handmade in the C. B. Gitty workshop, and will make a great addition to your special cigar box guitar or other homemade instrument build!

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