"Tampa Fad" ResoDisk Box Topper for Cigar Box Guitars

  • "Tampa Fad" ResoDisk Box Topper for Cigar Box Guitars
  • Cigar box shown for demonstration purposes only.
  • "Tampa Fad" ResoDisk Box Topper for Cigar Box Guitars
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Here is a great new way to improve the resonance and add an elegant vintage look to your next cigar box guitar!

These laser-cut plywood disks measure 6.125-inches in diameter, are 0.110-inch thick (3mm), and have been printed with beautiful full-color artwork chosen by Ben "Gitty" Baker. 

These are great if you have  a box with a lid that's a bit too thick for good acoustic resonance - just cut out a ~5.75-inch circle from the box lid and place this box-topper over the hole - the thin plywood will give much better resonance. They can also be used as cover plates for our 5-inch paint can lids and Hubcap resonator cones.

If resonance is not so much of a concern, these are also perfect for sprucing up cigar boxes with boring designs, or for boxes with some scuffs/marks/mistakes that you want to cover up.

This particular style features antique cigar box artwork from the early 1900's, set on a faded barn plank background, for a classic vintage look. 

These disks do not come with any screw holes, to keep them as versatile as possible for multiple uses. You can either glue them down or drill pilot holes and use small wood screws to attach them. Please note that the cigar box shown in one of the listing photos is for demonstration purposes only - this listing is just for the printed Box-Topper disk.

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