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Jescar Narrow/Low GOLD EVO Fret Wire (4 ft)

  • Jescar  Narrow/Low GOLD EVO Fret Wire (4 ft)
  • Jescar  Narrow/Low GOLD EVO Fret Wire (4 ft)


This gold fret wire is absolutely beautiful, a perfect finishing touch for your special build or re-fretting job! It is gold all the way through, so it can be filed, crowned and otherwise dressed as much as necessary. It especially looks good on a darker fret board, so that the contrast is greater, but it also looks nice on lighter fret boards.

This four-foot wire set comes in six (6) straight lengths that range between 7 3/4 and 8" in length. It is somewhat harder than standard 18% nickel-silver fret wire, so it will last longer too! The size of this wire is narrow/low gauge, with low crown height, and narrow width - see the exact specs below. This wire will fit nicely into a .023" fret slot, which is pretty much the standard for most modern fret wires.

We also include a 2-page sheet of fretting "do's and don'ts" to help the first-time fretter get started, at no extra charge!

Can be used on mandolins, dulcimers, ukuleles, strumsticks, smaller banjos, cigar box guitars and various other smaller fretted stringed instruments. The 8-inch lengths allow you to easily cut the exact lengths you need.

Here are the technical specs on this fret wire (see the photo diagram for more info):

Total Fret Height: .091" (2.31mm)      Crown Height: .037" (.939mm)      Crown Width: .053" (1.35mm)      Tang Width .023" (.584mm)

A note about Jescar Gold EVO Fretwire pricing: in 2018, the metallurgy company that makes the proprietary EVO alloy used in this premium fretwire decided to discontinue making it. This is the only worldwide supplier for this special metal alloy. As the only major commercial user of the alloy, Jescar negotiated long and hard to convince the supplier to continue producing it. Thankfully, they were successful. Unfortunately however, the cost per-pound went up dramatically and that is reflected in the new pricing.

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