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GittyBomb Pickup Mounting System - Choose Cover Material!


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  • GittyBomb Pickup Mounting System - Choose Cover Material!
  • Top-mount method - note that this requires cutting a square hole in the top of the guitar for the pickup to fit down into.
  • Ghost-mount method - this mounting system can be used to easily mount the pickup INSIDE the guitar, UNDER the soundboard. The mega over-wound nature of the GittyBomb pickups allow them to work just fine in this way.
  • GittyBomb Pickup Mounting System - Choose Cover Material!
  • This pickup mounting system includes four parts: lower ring, thin spacer ring, thick spacer ring, and cover.
  • Another top-mount view.
  • GittyBomb Pickup Mounting System - Choose Cover Material!
  • Another ghost-mount view.


We created these pickup mounting ring and cover assemblies here at C. B. Gitty specifically for mounting our mega over-wound GittyBOMB cigar box guitar pickups! They measure 2.3 in. x 2.3 in. by ~0.38 in. (9.7mm) tall when fully assembled. The GittyBomb pickup nestles down into the ring and the cover plate goes over it, held down to your guitar soundboard via four screws (not included - #4 X 1/2 in. Phillips flat-head or round-head recommended). These mounting systems can also be used to "ghost" the pickup UNDER the soundboard - see photos for usage examples.

PLEASE NOTE: without an additional spacer ring, these mounting rings do not allow a true "top mount" method - you will have to cut a square hole in the top of your instrument to accommodate the pickup.

One of the best things about these covers, in addition to their low price and the fact they are made in the USA here at C. B. Gitty*, is the fact that they are so versatile in how you can decorate them. For the wooden covers, which come in an unfinished/natural state, anything from spray paint to wood stain can be used, and you can even do woodburning, hand-painted artwork, decoupage, whatever you want! For the metal covers, you can distress them, antique them or polish them to a mirror shine if desired.

Please note this listing is for a single 3-piece pickup mounting ring system plus cover of your chosen style (4pcs total per system). The GittyBomb pickups shown in photos are for demonstration purposes only! Metal finishes come "natural" - in other words, unfinished as they came from the factory. Metal plates may have sharp edges and surface scuffs/scratches that need to be polished/sanded off. Use fine grit sandpaper for a nice textured finish, or steel wool/buffing cloths for more shine. 

* We make the plywood spacer rings and cover plates here at C. B. Gitty. The metal cover plates are made off-site at another facility in the USA.

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