8pc. 9/16-inch (#5) Nickel Grommets with Washers



This is an 8-pack of "#5" 9/16" (opening diameter) nickel grommets, great for Cigar Box Guitar, other craft purposes, as well as fabric/canvas work (traditional grommet usage). This pack includes both grommets and matching washers. For orders of 10 or more, please contact us for bulk pricing.  These grommets are proudly Made in the USA!

The 5/8" shown in the photo is the OUTSIDE DIAMETER of the shaft portion. The inner diameter is 9/16".

Grommet Size Specifications:
Inner Diameter: 9/16"
Flange Diameter (Total Diameter): 1.22"
Height (length under flange): .33"

Washer Size Specifications:
Inside Diameter: .74"
Outside Diameter: 1.205"

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