The Bookshelf Blaster DIY Guitar Amp Kit


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  • The Bookshelf Blaster DIY Guitar Amp Kit
  • Shown in unfinished wood and painted
  • The Bookshelf Blaster DIY Guitar Amp Kit
  • The Bookshelf Blaster DIY Guitar Amp Kit
  • The Bookshelf Blaster DIY Guitar Amp Kit
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The retro-inspired guitar amp that pumps out 2.5 watts of power from your bookshelf!  Easy to build with only a novice level of soldering required.  


All you need for assembly is a philips head screwdriver and a soldering iron and you've got yourself an infinitely customizable amplifier. These amps are perfect for practice, busking, or sharing the sweet sweet sounds of your Cigar Box Guitar with the neighbors.

The "guts" of this amp kit is a 2.5 watt amp board, which really puts out some nice sound considering its size and input power. The amp board comes with 1-foot wire leads pre-soldered to the key connection points, to eliminate some of the more fiddly bits of assembly for you. This kit includes a full how-to guide that shows wiring diagrams and covers some key points about wiring and assembly.

This amp contains the following parts (refer to annotated listing photo): 

 kit-contents-1.jpg  kit-contents-2.jpg

A)     ¼” Long-Shaft Mono Input Jack

B)      Chicken head volume knob

C)      9V Battery Tray with mounting screws

D)     3-inch 4-watt Speaker

E)      2.5-Watt Artec Amp Board with pre-wired leads

F)      Red LED (Power Indicator) with Plastic Mounting Bezel

J)       (4) Round-head machine screws

K)      (4) Nuts

L)       Laser-cut Box kit 

The amp board also has an onboard Tone Trim Pot, adjustable with a Philips screwdriver , which allows for fine-tuning the tone from "clean" to "crunchy". We always crank the tone all the way up before shipping our own amplifiers, so that they produce the loudest, crunchiest tone - because that's what we think sounds best with a CBG! For those of you who are interested in tweaking your CB amp, and aren't scared of a soldering iron, the amp board also provides connection points for an output jack and headphones jack as well!


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