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C. B. Gitty

Rosewood Fretboard for Soprano Ukulele

  • Rosewood Fretboard for Soprano Ukulele
  • Rosewood Fretboard for Soprano Ukulele


This is a pre-fretted rosewood Sopranoukulele fretboard, the same one that we sell in our Soprano Ukulele Parts Pack (Product Code 37-011-01). They are intended for use on a Soprano Ukulele, which has a scale length of 13.5 inches and usually has an overall length of around 21 inches. These are "semi-rough" pieces that may require some cleanup, sanding and fret-end smoothing during installation. We have these fretboards made by a foreign supplier to our specifications, and import them wholesale so that we are able to pass them on to you at a good price. They are made to fit on the Mahogany Soprano ukulele necks that we offer separately and in our Soprano ukulele parts pack.


Size Specs:

Length: 8 3/8" (212.725mm)

Width at Nut: 1 11/32" (34.135mm)

Width at widest point of bridge end: 1 7/8" (47.625mm)

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