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12pc 1-inch Screened Nickel Grommets

  • 12pc 1-inch Screened Nickel Grommets
  • 12pc 1-inch Screened Nickel Grommets
  • 12pc 1-inch Screened Nickel Grommets


 This is a twelve-pack of 1" (outside diameter) screened nickel grommets, perfect for use as sound-hole decorations for cigar box guitars. The body of these grommets is solid brass which has been plated with beautiful shiny nickel finish. However. The inside diameter of these grommets is about 1/2". Matching washers are included in case you want to use these grommets in the more traditional way in cloth, canvas or leather.

There has been a lot of discussion in the community about what the ideal sound hole size is for cigar box guitars. With grommets of this size, you can cover all of the bases - if you feel a single small sound hole is best, no problem, use just one grommet. If you prefer more total sound hole size, then you can drill separate holes and use as many of these as you want.

We also offer these grommets in other quantities up to 100pcs - buy in bulk and save!

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