Cigar Box Guitar Electronics & Hardware

C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply has all of the cigar box guitar electronics and related hardware you need!


Piezo Pickups - Disks, Rods and Pre-wired Harnesses Our most popular piezo pickup Full selection of rod and disk piezo pickups
Piezo Disks   ·   Piezo Rods   ·   Pre-wired Harnesses
Jacks - audio output jacks for guitars Our most popular guitar jack Our full selection of output jacks
Volume and Tone Pots for Guitar Our most popular volume pot Full selection of volume and tone pots for guitar
Volume & Tone Knobs  Our most popular guitar knob Full selection of volume and tone knobs
Chrome Knobs  ·  Gold Knobs  ·  Black Knobs  ·  Specialty Knobs
Guitar Pre-Amps Our most popular pre-amp Full selection of cigar box guitar hardware

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