Thousands and thousands of guitar professionals, home instrument builders, cigar box guitar enthusiasts, musicians and others have discovered the dedication to good prices and great service that we bring to all of our sales. Here is just a small sampling of what some of our satisfied customers have said...


I just received a piezo rod pickup for my old Takamine acoustic/electric. Despite it being the Christmas season, it was delivered a day earlier than promised. I am very happy with the pickup. I feel like I have a brand new guitar. It sounds SOOOOO much better now. This pickup was inexpensive, but the quality is much better than what Takamine used. I never knew how good this guitar could sound. Thank you. I am going to electrify all of my acoustics now that I see how easy the job is.

- Gary Slavinsky

I can't say enough about C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply. I've been buying parts and supplies from them for about 7 years, and they're always my first stop. It's a small town business run by Ben Gitty Baker, and he and his team do a phenomenal job. That and they're just great people who build, play, and love cigar box guitars like the rest of us.

- Mark Lindsay


I buy all my tuners and hardware from CBGitty. His piezo rod pickups are top notch.

-Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar, recording artist and founder of Cigar Box Nation 


Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate how fast you get fretwire shipped out to me. It's helped me, my customers and their instruments. I have ended up recommending you to a few friends.

Hope you have a great day!

- Drew in Seattle, WA


Ben, just received my box kit and as usual all is "Perfect!" I just love being a C.B. Gitty customer and have been for the last couple of years. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the CBG cut-outs that I will hand out at the next monthly meeting of 'Guys building guitars club' in Dallas. Can't wait to build my box CBG as soon as the "Heat" in Dallas lets up. As always thanks for letting me be a C.B. Gitty customer.

- Wayne in Dallas


Hello friends at CB Gitty. I just wanted to let you know that the plain, simple slide CBG I recently ordered is just great. Easily assembled, as advertised. It sounded nice and loud and clear when I strummed it. Then I added a piezo pick up and a pot and cranked it loud and it sounded nice and crunchy. So, thanks for the EZ kit. I hope you sell a lot of them. Perfect. 

- Tony Spreitzer


Thank you so much! My husband is fascinated with your site too! Your CBG kit helped me overcome the inertia and start building. I sincerely love your website; you don't just sell products, you provide inspiration and support through newsletters, blogs, and other free features. When I just pluck the strings and play a few chords on the CBG I built from your kit, people are amazed. They can't believe that a homemade cigar box guitar, built from a kit, could sound so good. I really think it has a better sound than many commercially manufactured guitars/ukes I've owned over the years.

- Liz Mathews

There is no denying that these beautiful parts form the basis of the dream. How do you know what your CBG is going to look like unless you look at and choose the parts you want? You offer such a great range of both beautiful and practical parts. Not only did you help me make my CBG look like a million dollars, you also helped me make it sound like two million dollars! I owe you guys many thanks for helping me build my dream. 

- Jamie McPherson


Just want to thank you for your excellent customer service. You guys have been most helpful, in a day and age where it seems increasingly difficult to get good service, it's most appreciated. Be sure to tell the lady at the end of the phone how pleasant she is and how much it is appreciated. You guys have my loyalty!

- Theo Eichorn


Got my guitar kit today, spent a leisurely half hour putting it together this evening and am completely pleased with the results.  Surprised at the volume, even more so at the sensitivity - this will make me a much better slide player in short order.

Great product, great intro to the art of cigar box guitars, and well worth the small sum invested!  

Thanks for turning me back on musically,

- Steve


Hi Ben I am new the cigar box revolution. I love playing and building... your products are excellent and your site is awesome. I am going to send some pics of my current build soon. Thank you.

- Todd P., Cigar Box Nation member

I've been a customer for a few years and always amazed at the reasonable prices of your products.  Just ordered the Pure and Simple cigar box guitar, [am] really looking forward to it. Just wanted to say thanks from guys like me who get a chance to enjoy this hobby. 

- Cheers, Robert Parker


Mr. Ben Gitty---thank you, thank you, thank you!

I received my first (and not the my last) order from CB Gitty!!! I gotta tell you, Ben and his peeps rock! The shipping was über fast and super affordable. I got an email notice once my stuff was pulled from the shelf and shipped which was less then 12hrs. It was packed well and everything looks pretty tip top, although I haven't had a chance to test the electric harness, I'm sure it's good too.

You all can buy from these folks with extreme confidence.

BTW My XXXXL t-shirt is the best walking-talking billboard ever.

"I might not be the best CBG player out there, but I am in my weight class."

- Edward Todd Spiegel


Just wanted to say thank you for the manner in which you conduct your business.  You are always prompt with your deliveries, accurate in what you send, have reasonable prices, and I LOVE the personal notes you include with the shipment!  I hope you NEVER quit doing what you are doing and the way you are doing it!  Great job!


So far I've made 14 guitars and have given 7 away.....I love making them, even though I'm not much of a carpenter.  It's just fun!  Your business has helped me a lot in finding and obtaining the supplies I need......plus I get new ideas from you.  I can hardly wait to try the electric percussion box you showed in your newsletter!


Thanks again!


- Barbara in Burns, Kansas


Hi cbgitty.com, 

I just wanted to write you and say thanks for selling such great products - I like so many of them! 

I bought something from you about three months ago and now, as I was looking to buy a similar thing, I immediately thought of you and went straight to your website! :-) 

So - thanks again! 

 - Peter


Lovely product, nice note enclosed; would do business w/this co. again because of the vibe; they seem down-to-earth,eager to make sure the customer's happy, and they seem grateful for your business! 

- Eugene in Asbury Park, New Jersey


I have never been disappointed by the products or the service from CB Gitty. 

- Buck in Houston, Texas


Great company. VERY fast service. very good prices. My first and last stop for CBG parts. 

- Michael in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Deal with assurance. 

- Gary in Oakland, California


CB Gitty is probably the best known site in connection with cigar box guitars. My husband found this in the mail ... was SO excited, curious, etc. over WHAT I had ordered ... I caved and let the me man have his birthday presentn early. That seller is THAT good and THAT well known!

- Marie Kennedy


I just got my shipment of tuners today, great item, great price, fast shipping, even a thank you written on the receipt. From now on I'm not buying from anyone else.

Thanks Gitty!!

- Brian Saunders, Cigar Box Nation member


I received tuners, fretwire and piezos from Gitty today. Everything is in order and these tuners rock for the price! A great value overall. I'll be a repeat customer for sure.

- BenBob, Cigar Box Nation member


Even if Ben were not such a great, reliable and honest guy, if the prices are good it makes good sense to support the ppl who advertise here [on Cigar Box Nation] bcoz they are funding the site, and we all want them to continue to do so. I've only got fretwire off him but i can tell u he doesnt bone u on international shipping like a lot do, in fact he goes to extra effort to keep the shipping costs low.

- Jef Long, Australia


I have shopped from gitty, great products, fast shipping, great service and gitty knows his stuff and is always willing to help. HIGHLY reccomended by me!

- NoxTerran, Cigar Box Nation member


Hi Ben, I noted on my own status how much I appreciate the way you do business, but I doubt you saw it- so I'm telling you here, just to make sure you know. I don't order often or much at a time, but I know I can expect the same great service and speed that you give to your most prolific purchasers. That means a lot to me, and that's why you are one of my very favorite vendors, regardless of the type of merchandise.... and THE 'go to' CBG parts guy. Thanks again.

- Jeff Tinsley, Cigar Box Nation


Just have to say that you guys are really great. Have ordered several items for my new cbg hobby and the complete experience with you guys is superior. Nicely packaged/labeled/packed. Consistently fast shipping. Also having the right 3 strings prepackaged saved me a bunch of research. Prices are fair too. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Glad your feedback is representative of how you conduct your business. The few neg feedbacks are obviously from boneheads.


- Tom


About our gold fret wire...

JoAnn Hite was looking for the perfect fret wire for her homemade challenge banjo build being hosted by handmademusicclubhouse.com. Bright copper details played a big role in her build, so standard nickel-silver fret wire just wouldn't do. In the end, she decided to go with C. B. Gitty's Gold fret wire, and was very pleased with her decision.

"The only thing that surpasses the beauty and quality of the fret wire, was how easy it is to use," JoAnn said. "I believe the gold fret wire to surpass the standard wire in beauty. It is strong and durable, yet easy to seat in the fret slots."

JoAnn's banjo turned out great, and she was very happy both with her accomplishment and with her experience with C.. B. Gitty Crafter supply and our gold fret wire.

"C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply's customer service was top notch," she said, "And the shipping was fast. The fret wire and [fretting guide] CD arrived quickly and in perfect condition."

Experience the unmatchable distinction that our gold fret wire can bring to your build or repair job. Order a set  today!


Hey Ben, used the gold fret wire on my dulci-jo build. I love that wire, so easy to finish the ends. Took me half as much time then the nickel wire I use. I`m hooked on the gold wire now, will being ordering more of it in the near future......Outstanding fret wire!!!!! 

- Randy S. Bretz, Cigar Box Nation member


Hey CB I like the fretting guide... I really like the way you did it. Very professional! I like the Stu Mac references for different tools. The various links are great. The pic's are very clear. You explain things quite well. Good job!!! Thanks!

- Lenny, Cigar Box Nation member


Just wanted to post an unsolicited testimonia: the Guide which CBGitty included with my fretwire order was most helpful in getting myfirst fretted CBG workable.Thanks very much for putting it together!

- Tres Seaver, Cigar Box Nation member


I've got that cd and also want to say how great a help it is! I'll be getting some wire from you soon, Ben!

- Lana Rae, Cigar Box Nation member


Fast shipping, thank you. Will do business again.

- eBay Customer huttstuff71


Wow, thanks! A hard to find very small fretwire!! Perfect!

- eBay Customer  crazy_diamond_1971


Got what I expected. Thanks! Will buy from cbgitty again.

- eBay Customer davarm


Very pleased with item and seller an excellent ebay transaction! Thanks!!

- eBay Customer jrchnbch


Thanks for making so much good stuff at hands reach. This web site, the store where you can by all the goddies at a fair price. I had never played a Cigar Box Guitar before and then I heard Ben Prestage play one and I was hooked! I built my first before I found your web site, and it had a few problems. When I found this site I could see what others had built and found my way to building a better guitar. I now build guitars for friends because they are so much fun to build and play. I buy things I need to , like fret wire and tuneing machines from your store and it's all great stuff quailty and price wise.

- John Manos


Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for the recent orders. Everything arrived promptly and as promised. You folks do a great job and your website is a terrific resource. I'll be sure to spread the word. Kindest regards,

-Joe Hemway


Ben, I have to say, Thank you! And that I am very impressed with the swiftness with which i received the order I made on your site. You folks do wonderful things. Thanks again,

- Adam Sikes