Build A Hot Rod Cigar Box Guitar


"Dear Gitty, What parts would you recommend for a hot rod cigar box guitar?" - Joe G., London UK

Good question, Joe!

To answer it, let's whip up a killer 3 or 4-string hot rod with a fretted neck and an electric, magnetic pickup.

Here's what we recommend (and you'll have some parts left over to get you going on your next build too)...


Neck: Maple neck extended headstock - $23.49 with options

  • Neck blank ready to be formed and shaped
  • Maple wood for rock solid feel
  • Extended headstock so you can customize the hot rod look

Fretboard: Exotic Wenge, fully fretted - $46.99

The dark wood will contrast incredibly with the maple neck. Fully fretted and ready to glue onto the neck blank above. Fretted to a 25-inch scale (nice standard guitar scale) with 20 frets.

31-053-01-bone-nut-blanks-small.png Nut:  Bone nut for best sustain and tone - $6.49 for pair

Tuners:  there can be only one choice...  Black Skulls  $17.99 for a set of 6. 

They will contrast perfectly with the maple headstock. Don't like skulls? choose from one of our other great varieties of sealed-gear tuners. 

Pickup: Pre-wired "Snake Oil" mini humbucker - $31.49

  • Delivers a mix of sultry humbucker and snarling single coil tones
  • Chrome cover looks amazing on any box

Volume Knob: Outlaw Speed Skull - $3.99 a pair

The perfect hot rod match to the black skull tuners. Or if you are anti-skull, choose from one of our many other knob varieties.

Bridge:  Hard-tail 3-string Bridge - $9.99  OR  Hard Tail 4-String Bridge - $14.29

  • Allows you to set intonation for each string
  • Chrome matches the Snake Oil Pickup

Sound Holes: Chrome screened sound hole inserts - $10.49 a pair

Screened sound hole covers like these are an awesome way to add a touch of class to your special build.

Strap Buttons - Chrome $3.99 a set

Any guitar intended to be played regularly should have a strap - and straps call for strap buttons! Slap a pair of these on your build and guitarists everywhere will weep with gratitude.


Electric Guitar Strings Set - $7.49

This set of strings was specially chosen by Shane Speal for his own cigar box guitars. It contains 6 premium, made-in-the-USA nickel-wound strings that can be used for a variety of tunings, including the ever popular GDG and GDGB!


Premium Cigar Box - Prices Vary

Of course to build a cigar box guitar, you need a cigar box! If you don't already have one, you can choose from one of ours!


 Combine these parts and you'll have one completely tricked-out hot rod guitar!