Pure and Simple Guitar Introduction

C. B. Gitty Pure & Simple Flying Bridge GuitarThis page is for folks who have just bought one of our Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitars. If this is your first handmade instrument, congratulations, and welcome to the amazing world of handmade music! On this page we'll give you some introductory info to help you get started with your new Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar.

  • First, you should know that this instrument has "high string action", as it is designed purely for playing with a slide. It is not intended to be fretted, and you should not try to push the strings all the way down to the neck. If a slide was not purchased with your guitar, you can find a selection of them in our store. We recommend our Vintage-Style Glass Medicine Vial Guitar Slide as an inexpensive option. There is no easy way to convert this guitar to a fretted instrument.
  • These instruments are strung to be tuned to an Open G "GDG" tuning. Click here for the video on how to tune your guitar to "GDG". If you want to explore other string and tuning options for your guitar, check out the other tunings and strings articles on
  • In keeping with the "Pure & Simple" theme, there is no electric pickup in these guitars for plugging them into an amplifier. If you want to easily add a pickup, consider our inexpensive stick-on Red Dot pickup.
  • This video was originally created for the kit version of the Pure & Simple cigar box guitar, but starting around the 4:48 mark it covers how to tune and play one of these guitars. This can be a big help for a first-timer, and is highly recommended. Click here to view this video on YouTube.
  • You can find a lot more how-to-play videos and articles at, and also on There is a huge community of avid cigar box guitar builders and players around the world, and most of them hang out on Cigar Box Nation, so click on over and join the fun!


If you have any other questions about your new instrument, feel free to contact us at

We hope you will make awesome music with your Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar!