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The Cigar Box Guitars in Schools Program

studentandteacher.jpgBuilding musical instruments is an amazing educational experience your students will never forget...

We have worked with teachers all over the United States, and even around the world, helping them and their students to discover the amazing educational opportunities to be had from building and playing their own musical instruments

We offer educators an automatic 25% off all of our kits and parts for classroom use.

Building musical instruments is a cross-curricular activity, which covers a wide array of potential subjects and topics:

  • STEM-related topics
    • Science (Physics)
    • Technology / Electronics
    • Engineering
    • Math
  • Arts & Humanities
    • History
    • Creative Arts
    • Music

We have had some schools where multiple teachers take part in the instrument building process, each focusing on a different educational aspect as the project progresses.

C. B. Gitty offers a growing range of musical instrument kits designed specifically to make it as easy as possible for young and old alike to build their own cigar box guitar, ukulele, diddley bow or other hand-made instrument. We are able to accept Purchase Orders from school districts, as well as help figure out ways to find funding when there's no room in the budget. 

REGISTERING AS A TEACHER FOR YOUR DISCOUNT:  If you are interested in the program, you may register at any time.  Simply email Shane Speal direct at with the following information:

  1. Your Name and Address
  2. Name of school or organization
  3. School address, phone number & website
  4. Grade level or average age of your class
  5. Class size (# of students)



Click the image for each of the kits below to view the full detail page.

C. B. Gitty Cigar Box Diddley Bow Kit

Complete Cigar Box Diddley Bow (1-string Guitar) Kit

Educator price starts at $18.74 per kit!

 Easy to assemble, requires only basic hole drilling and screwdriver-based assembly. One-string fretless instrument designed to play with a slide. This instrument's history goes back thousands of years, and it was one of the homemade instruments that played a role in the creation of the musical genre we now know as The Blues.

C. B. Gitty Pure & Simple Cigar Box Guitar Kit

Complete "Pure and Simple" Cigar Box Guitar Kit

Educator price starts at $59.99 per kit!

We designed this to be the easiest-to-assemble cigar box guitar kit available anywhere.

The price is higher for it because we have done almost all of the hard stuff - all holes are drilled, all of the key items have been marked - all you need to assemble this kit is a Phillips screwdriver.

Kit assembly time is only about 30 minutes per kit, and results in a fully-playable 3-string slide guitar, a style of instrument that has a rich history and like the Diddley Bow played a formative role in the development of The Blues.

Kit includes everything you'll need to build the guitar, you just supply the screwdriver.


C. B. Gitty Cigar Box Ukulele KitCigar Box Ukulele Kit - educator price starts at $54.99 per kit. Builds a fully-playable 4-string concert-scale uke. A more advanced kit that requires drilling, some cutting, gluing, clamping and measuring. Recommended for high school students and older.

C. B. Gitty Cigar Box Amplifier KitCigar Box Amplifier Kit - educator price starts at $37.49 per kit. Builds a battery-operated guitar amplifier, suitable for use with cigar box guitars or regular acoustic/electric guitars. Requires some drilling, hole cutting and wiring/soldering.

C. B. Gitty Cigar Box Thumb Piano KitCigar Box Thumb Piano (Kalimba) Kit - educator price starts at $27.75 per kit. Builds a fully playable 12-note Thumb Piano/Kalimba.