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3-String Cigar Box Guitar "The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2" How-to-Play Book by Brent Robitaille



A follow up to the popular Ultimate Collection Vol 1, Brent Robitaille brings an exciting second edition to the table, covering even more tunes ranging from Rock, Blues, American, Folk and more!

“Cigar Box Guitar – the Ultimate Collection Vol 2 – 3 String” is the newest book from Brent Robitaille, an accomplished musician that has published several works relating to Cigar Box Guitars. Much like the first volume, Brent  approached this book with the beginner in mind with many intermediate and advanced pieces to appeal to players of all levels.

This book covers all of the key bases you need to get a firm understanding of how to play your 3-string CBG, including a nice selection of songs & tunes, chord forms, blues scales, major and minor scales, picking exercises, blues riffs and more.

The over 30 songs included in the book are a compilation of traditional and original tunes, ranging from Blues to Americana, traditional folk, Rock, Jazz and even a couple of classical pieces. The scales, chord charts, arpeggio diagrams, fingerboard charts, riffs and exercises provide an excellent way for the user to learn the instrument, and to fully appreciate the potential of the cigar box guitar. The “How to Read Tab” and “Tips on How to Play Slide” will help those new to the instrument.

From the author: "Cigar Box Guitar The Ultimate Collection: Volume 2” continues with more music and instruction to help learn the three-string cigar box guitar tuned to GDG.   The book covers a wide variety of material and is excellent for beginners to advanced players.  There is a good selection of tunes including blues, rock, jazz, classical and traditional that can be played with a slide, a pick or fingerstyle.   As usual, each tune includes tablature and music notation for those familiar with reading music.  There are an additional 18 songs with suggested chords and diagrams, strumming and fingerstyle patterns, time signatures, the starting singing note, and the key of the song.  There are also some sample accompaniment patterns and useful tips on how to accompany on the cigar box guitar.   

If you are into rock and pop styles check out the "12 rock riffs" and the popular chord progressions with diagrams.  The chord progressions are based on current pop/rock music and can be applied to your favorite songs.  As in volume one of this series, a full chord and scale library with fingerboard charts are provided.  The most common chords also have photos, a chord chart, and tablature and notation.   The "10 ways to play major and minor chords"  is an excellent way to learn and master the major and minor chords on the cigar box guitar!"


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