Celtic Session Songbook for Voice & Guitar - 170 songs with Large Print Lyrics and Chords

  • Celtic Session Songbook for Guitar - Front Cover
  • Celtic Session Songbook for Guitar - Back Cover
  • Celtic Session Songbook for Guitar - Song Sample
  • Special index of first lines, alternate titles and key phrases.


This 400-page songbook contains all of the best and most beloved traditional songs from Ireland, Scotland and beyond, ready to be played sung and strummed at your favorite session! Love Songs, Rebel Songs, Drinking Songs, Session Tunes, Folk Ballads, Sea Shanties and more. 

This is a special spiral-bound limited edition of this songbook, printed and bound by hand in the C. B. Gitty print shop in Gonic, New Hampshire. Each copy is also signed by the author. 

Ben created this book specifically for people who like to play and sing Celtic songs. Full large-print lyrics are given for each song, along with the guitar chords for strumming along. A short informational snippet for each song, explaining some of its origin and history, is also included. A special "First Lines and Alternate Titles" index is also included, to help you find the song you are looking for. Each song is given in two different keys (C and G), with capo information to help you find your best key for singing. This is not a tablature songbook: only the lyrics and chords are given.

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Song List

  • A Jug of This
  • A Nation Once Again
  • Ae Fond Kiss
  • All For Me Grog
  • Annie Laurie
  • Arthur McBride
  • As I Roved Out
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Aweigh, Santy Ano
  • The Bard of Armagh 
  • The Barnyards of Delgaty 
  • Beer, Beer, Beer
  • Black Velvet Band 
  • The Blarney Stone
  • Blow, Boys, Blow
  • Blow the Man Down 
  • Blow Ye Winds in the Morning
  • The Blue Bells of Scotland 
  • The Bold Fenian Men
  • Bold Thady Quill 
  • Bonnie Charlie 
  • Bonnie Dundee 
  • Bonnie Hieland Laddy 
  • Bonnie Ship the Diamond
  • Botany Bay
  • Boulavogue
  • The Boys From the County Armagh
  • The Boys of Wexford
  • Brennan on the Moor
  • Broom of the Cowdenknowes 
  • The Butcher Boy 
  • Carrickfergus 
  • The Cobbler / Dick Darby 
  • Cockies of Bungaree
  • Comin’ Thro the Rye
  • Courtin’ In the Kitchen
  • The Croppy Boy (Version 1)
  • The Croppy Boy (Version 2)
  • Cruiscin Lan 
  • Cruising ‘Round Yarmouth
  • Cunla
  • Danny Boy
  • Donkey Riding
  • Down by the Sally Gardens
  • Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
  • Eileen Aroon
  • Enniskillen Dragoons
  • Farewell to Nova Scotia
  • Farewell to Tarwathie
  • Finnegan’s Wake
  • The Flowers Of the Forest
  • The Foggy Dew
  • The Gallant Forty-Twa
  • Galway Races
  • The Galway Shawl
  • Go To Sea No More
  • God Save Ireland
  • Green Grow the Rushes-O
  • Greenland Whale Fisheries
  • Haul Away Joe
  • Hector the Hero
  • Her Mantle So Green
  • The Holy Ground
  • Homeward Bound (sea shanty)
  • I’ll Take you Home Again Kathleen
  • I’ll Tell Me Ma
  • I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday (Jock Stewart)
  • Isn’t It Grand Boys (Look at the Coffin)
  • It’s A Long Way To Tipperary
  • The Irish Rover
  • Johnson’s Motor Car
  • Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  • The Jolly Tinker
  • John Barleycorn
  • The Juice of the Barley
  • Jug of Punch
  • Kelly the Boy from Killane
  • Kevin Barry
  • Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl (Three Jolly Coachmen)
  • The Lark In the Morning
  • Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her
  • The Leaving of Liverpool
  • Leezie Lindsay
  • The Legion of the Rearguard
  • Let Your Back and Sides Go Bare 
  • The Little Beggarman
  • Loch Lomond
  • Loch Tay Boat Song
  • MacPherson’s Lament
  • The Maid of Fife (Irish Dragoons)
  • The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
  • Maids When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man
  • Master McGrath
  • The Men Of the West
  • The Mermaid
  • The Merry Ploughboy (Off To Dublin In the Green)
  • Mick McGuire
  • Minguilay Boat Song
  • The Minstrel Boy
  • Molly Malone
  • The Moonshiner
  • The Morning Glory
  • Muirsheen Dirkin
  • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  • My Johnny Lad
  • My Wild Irish Rose
  • Nancy Whiskey
  • Nell Flaherty’s Drake
  • The Nightingale
  • The Night That Paddy Murphy Died
  • The Night Visiting Song
  • The Old Dun Cow
  • The Old Orange Flute
  • Old Woman From Wexford
  • Oro Se Do Bheatha Abhaile
  • Paddy Doyle’s Boots (shanty)
  • Paddy West
  • The Parting Glass
  • Peggy Gordon
  • Poor Old Dicey Reilly
  • Poor Paddy On the Railway
  • Quare Bungle Rye
  • Rare Old Mountain Dew (Let Grasses Grow)
  • The Rattlin’ Bog
  • Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
  • Red Is the Rose
  • Reilly’s Daughter
  • Rising of the Moon
  • Rocky Road to Dublin
  • Roddy McCorley
  • Rolling Down to Old Maui
  • Rolling Home
  • The Rose of Allendale
  • The Rose of Tralee
  • Rosin the Bow
  • Rothsea-O
  • Scotland the Brave
  • Sam Hall
  • Seven Drunken Nights
  • Skibbereen
  • Skye Boat Song
  • The Soldier’s Song
  • Sound the Pibroch
  • South Australia
  • Spancil Hill
  • Spanish Lady
  • Stand To Your Glasses Steady
  • Star of the County Down
  • Threescore and Ten
  • Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
  • Waly, Waly (The Water Is Wide)
  • Wearing of the Green
  • Weile Waile
  • The West’s Asleep
  • Westering Home
  • Whack Fol the Diddle
  • What Do We Wo With A Drunken Sailor
  • When Irish Eyes are Smiling
  • When You And I Were Young, Maggie
  • Whiskey in the Jar
  • Whiskey is the Life of Man
  • Whiskey You’re the Devil
  • The Whistling Gypsy
  • Wild Colonial Boy
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Wild Rover
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  • The Work of the Weavers
  • Yarmouth Town     



1. A Jug of This

2. A Nation Once Again

3. Ae Fond Kiss

4. All For Me Grog

5. Annie Laurie

6. Arthur McBride

7. As I Roved Out

8. Auld Lang Syne

9. Aweigh, Santy Ano

10. The Bard of Armagh

11. The Barnyards of Delgaty

12. Beer, Beer, Beer

13. Black Velvet Band

14. The Blarney Pilgrim Jig (tune)

15. The Blarney Stone

16. Blow, Boys, Blow

17. Blow the Man Down

18. Blow Ye Winds in the Morning

19. The Blue Bells of Scotland

20. The Bold Fenian Men

21. Bold Thady Quill

22. Bonnie Charlie

23. Bonnie Dundee

24. Bonnie Hieland Laddy

25. Bonnie Ship the Diamond

26. Botany Bay

27. Boulavogue

28. The Boys From the County Armagh

29. The Boys of Wexford

30. Brennan on the Moor

31. Broom of the Cowdenknowes

32. The Butcher Boy

33. Carrickfergus

34. The Cobbler / Dick Darby

35. Cockies of Bungaree

36. The College Hornpipe

37. Comin’ Thro the Rye

38. Courtin’ In the Kitchen

39. The Croppy Boy (Version 1)

40. The Croppy Boy (Version 2)

41. Cruiscin Lan

42. Cruising ‘Round Yarmouth

43. Cunla

44. Danny Boy

45. Donkey Riding

46. Down by the Sally Gardens

47. Drill Ye Tarriers Drill

48. Eileen Aroon

49. Enniskillen Dragoons

50. Farewell to Nova Scotia

51. Farewell to Tarwathie

52. Finnegan’s Wake

53. The Flowers Of the Forest

54. The Foggy Dew

55. The Gallant Forty-Twa

56. Galway Races

57. The Galway Shawl

58. Go To Sea No More

59. God Save Ireland

60. Green Grow the Rushes-O

61. Greenland Whale Fisheries

62. Haul Away Joe

63. Hector the Hero (tune)

64. Her Mantle So Green

65. The Holy Ground

66. Homeward Bound (sea shanty)

67. I’ll Take you Home Again Kathleen

68. I’ll Tell Me Ma

69. I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday (Jock Stewart)

70. The Irish Washerwoman Jig (tune)

71. Isn’t It Grand Boys (Look at the Coffin)

72. It’s A Long Way To Tipperary

73. The Irish Rover

74. Johnson’s Motor Car

75. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

76. The Jolly Tinker

77. John Barleycorn

78. The Juice of the Barley

79. Jug of Punch

80. Kelly the Boy from Killane

81. Kevin Barry

82. Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl (Three Jolly Coachmen)

83. The Lark In the Morning

84. Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her

85. The Leaving of Liverpool

86. Leezie Lindsay

87. The Legion of the Rearguard

88. Let Your Back and Sides Go Bare

89. The Little Beggarman

90. Loch Lomond

91. Loch Tay Boat Song

92. MacPherson’s Lament

93. The Maid of Fife (Irish Dragoons)

94. The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe

95. Maids When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man

96. Master McGrath

97. The Men Of the West

98. The Mermaid

99. The Merry Ploughboy (Off To Dublin In the Green)

100. Mick McGuire

101. Minguilay Boat Song

102. The Minstrel Boy

103. Molly Malone

104. The Moonshiner

105. Morning Glory (One for the)

106. Muirsheen Dirkin

107. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

108. My Johnny Lad

109. My Wild Irish Rose

110. Nancy Whiskey

111. Nell Flaherty’s Drake

112. The Nightingale

113. The Night That Paddy Murphy Died

114. The Night Visiting Song

115. Off To California Hornpipe (tune)

116. The Old Dun Cow

117. The Old Orange Flute

118. Old Woman From Wexford

119. Oro Se Do Bheatha Abhaile

120. Paddy Doyle’s Boots (shanty)

121. Paddy West

122. The Parting Glass

123. Peggy Gordon

124. Poor Old Dicey Reilly

125. Poor Paddy On the Railway

126. Quare Bungle Rye

127. The Rakes of Mallow (tune)

128. Rare Old Mountain Dew (Let Grasses Grow)

129. The Rattlin’ Bog

130. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie

131. Red Is the Rose

132. Reilly’s Daughter

133. Rising of the Moon

134. Rocky Road to Dublin

135. Roddy McCorley

136. Rolling Down to Old Maui

137. Rolling Home

138. The Rose of Allendale

139. The Rose of Tralee

140. Rosin the Bow

141. Rothsea-O

142. Scotland the Brave

143. Sam Hall

144. Sean Ryan’s Polka (tune)

145. Seven Drunken Nights

146. The Siege of Ennis Polka (tune)

147. Skibbereen

148. Skye Boat Song

149. The Soldier’s Song

150. Sound the Pibroch

151. South Australia

152. Spancil Hill

153. Spanish Lady

154. Stand To Your Glasses Steady

155. Star of the County Down

156. Threescore and Ten

157. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral

158. Waly, Waly (The Water Is Wide)

159. Wearing of the Green

160. Weile Waile

161. The West’s Asleep

162. Westering Home

163. Whack Fol the Diddle

164. What Do We Wo With A Drunken Sailor

165. When Irish Eyes are Smiling

166. When You And I Were Young, Maggie

167. Whiskey in the Jar

168. Whiskey is the Life of Man

169. Whiskey You’re the Devil

170. The Whistling Gypsy

171. Wild Colonial Boy

172. Wild Mountain Thyme

173. Wild Rover

174. The Wind That Shakes the Barley

175. The Work of the Weavers

176. Yarmouth Town    



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