C. B. Gitty

2pc. Zinc-Plated CBG Neck Braces w/Screws

  • 2pc. Zinc-Plated CBG Neck Braces w/Screws
  • 2pc. Zinc-Plated CBG Neck Braces w/Screws
  • Installation example, shows the antique copper variety.


This is a two-pack of ZINC-PLATED metal cigar box guitar neck braces, with included screws. These braces are a great decorative and sturdy way to attach your neck to the box, and can help reduce neck bowing. 

The included screws match the antique copper finish, and are about 1" in length - please note that you may need to cut the screw length down a bit to keep it from coming through your neck (if you are using a standard 1x2 board for your neck) - just pre-drill the hole, cut about 3/8" off the end of the screws, and it should work fine.

Also, for best results you should put a hardwood brace inside the box for the brace to screw into, as the wall of the box itself may not be thick/strong enough to give the screw much to bite into.

Please note that the mounting example image shows the antique copper style of this product, and is for reference only.

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