C. B. Gitty

8pc. Nickel-plated Box Corners (Straight Back)

  • 8pc. Nickel-plated Box Corners (Straight Back)
  • 8pc. Nickel-plated Box Corners (Straight Back)
  • 8pc. Nickel-plated Box Corners (Straight Back)


This is a set of eight (8) shiny nickel-plated box corners with matching mounting screws. These corners have a straight back/flange part, unlike the very similar box corners (such as product number 32-007-01) that have a crimped/raised back portion. These corners make great accent pieces on cigar box guitars, ukuleles and any other project where you want to dress up a corner.

These corners are 1 1/4" long on each leg and have a depth of about 1/2". Sixteen (16) small nickel-plated screws are included (two per corner) for mounting. Note that there is a little bit of a radius (curvature) to the inside point of the corner; if you are mounting these on a box that has sharp points on its corners, you may need to file a little of those sharp points off to get these to fit snugly.

PLEASE NOTE: These corners have a "distressed" style of finish, as can be seen in the close-up listing photos. That means that the surface of the plating may have light scuffs, scratches and other marks. We feel it still looks fine and will work fine on most projects, especially homemade/handmade instruments. To some degree these could likely be buffed out, but these should not be used if your project requires a perfect unblemished surface.

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