C. B. Gitty

"Rusty Gold" Illustrated Wooden Cigar Box - image printed in full color right on the box top!



What gearhead or picker doesn't love the thought of a beautiful old car rusting quietly in a field, just waiting to be brought into the garage and restored. We take just such an image and print it in full-color, high-resolution right onto the box top, creating an amazing-looking box that is perfect for building a very special cigar box guitar or other craft purposes!

These boxes are printed with our "Vivigraphic" Method: this is a full-color, photo-resolution printing process using highly durable UV-cured inks that renders a precise reproduction of the image (with wood grain showing through any white areas).

These boxes are 10 inches wide by 8 inches tall by 2.5 inches deep, and are constructed with pine and 1/8-inch plywood top and bottom panels, with gold hinges and clasp. They have great, warm acoustic tone with great volume - we used these same cigar boxes for many of the cigar box guitars we build at C. B. Gitty. 

We also offer other print designs for these boxes, see the full listing with image library here.

Got your own photo or image? Check out our custom-printed box offering - we'll print your image right on the box!

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