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Polished Copper Guitar Slide: 2 1/4" - Made in the USA!

  • Polished Copper Guitar Slide: 2 1/4" - Made in the USA!
  • Polished Copper Guitar Slide: 2 1/4" - Made in the USA!


This is a polished copper guitar slide, perfect for grinding out some gritty old blues on your slide guitar, cigar box guitar, lap steel or whatever you like to play with a slide. The slide is 2 1/4 inches in length (plus or minus 1/8 inch), and the inside diameter is 13/16" (.812"), which will fit over the first knuckle on medium-sized ring fingers, and up to the first knuckle on larger fingers. If you have a very large ring finger, these might be a bit too snug and you'll need to wait for our 1" model coming soon! If you wear the slide on your little finger, you can always use the piece of included moleskin (see below) to size it to fit.

We make these slides by hand out of real copper pipes - the same kind that carry water through houses! These slides have been carefully buffed and polished to satin or semi-gloss finish (we do not do a flawless mirror finish - it would just get scuffed by the strings anyway when playing), with a special metal polishing
compound that leaves behind a protective film. However, with use and wear this natural copper will dull and tarnish - but it is easily buffed and polished back to a nice shine using a number of old copper-polishing folk methods. The ends of this slide have been carefully smoothed and polished as well to make sure playing with them is a comfortable experience for the user.

We include a square of self-adhesive faux moleskin with each of these slides for use in sizing the inside of the slide to your finger. This along with our glass vial slide makes a nice set to give you an idea of the range of tones and sounds that are possible with different slide materials.

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