C. B. Gitty

100-pack 1/4-inch Brass Tuner Bushings/Ferrules



This is a bulk pack of brass-plated 1/4" (inside diameter) tuner bushings. They can also be used as decorative ferrules/hole inserts elsewhere on a build.This is a great bulk price for these bushings which cost much more per piece when bought in smaller quantities. Stock up today and save!

In this quantity, this product is only available in Shiny Nickel and brass, but we do have other smaller quantities of the Flat Black, Antique Copper finishes.

These bushings will work with two different drill hole sizes. With 7/64" they are quite snug and you have to tap them in with a hammer (preferably using a piece of wood to keep the hammer from marring the finish of the rim). With a 1/4" bit they are moderately snug but may need gluing, and with a 9/32 you'd definitely need to glue them in. It is always best to experiment with a piece of scrap before tackling your main build!

Measurement specs for this item are:
Inside Diameter: 0.25"
Outside Diameter (shank): 0.28"
Outside Diameter (Rim): 0.39"
Overall Height: 0.310"


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