C. B. Gitty

2pc. Brass Mini Humbucker Pickup Cover Rings with Screws

  • 2pc. Brass Mini Humbucker Pickup Cover Rings with Screws
  • 2pc. Brass Mini Humbucker Pickup Cover Rings with Screws


This is a set of two brass steel pickup rings sized specifically for the popular mini humbucker style of pickup (such as our Snake Oil pickups). These are cut from thin-gauge brass, and the result is a beautiful, Made-in-the-USA way to add a touch of class to your mini humbucker installs. No more do you have to worry about getting the opening hole exactly right and the edges perfect... just cut/route your hole (our acrylic pickup opening template works great for this), install the pickup and then snug one of these down over it. 

The outer dimensions of these rings are 3.68" wide by 1.74". The opening is 2.71" by 1.12", which fits very nicely over most standard mini humbuckers (including the Snake Oil Mini Humbucker pickups we sell) - if you got your pickup somewhere else, be sure to measure it carefully to make sure it will fit! These rings have four holes for mounting, and we include #2 x 1/4" silver Phillips-head screws for mounting. 

These are cut from .030" brass sheet and come with the natural sheet factory finish (may have slight discolorations/scuffs that can be buffed off if desired). Use fine-grit sandpaper for a matte finish, or polish up to a mirror shine if you so choose.

Please note that these do not fit our "Toaster Bucker" humbuckers, as those are just a little bit larger than true mini humbuckers. The photo showing the pickup mounted in the plate is for reference only.

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