C. B. Gitty

2pc. Chrome "Voodoo Skull" Knobs with red ruby eyes

  • 2pc. Chrome "Voodoo Skull" Knobs  with red ruby eyes
  • 2pc. Chrome "Voodoo Skull" Knobs  with red ruby eyes


If you dare to shove a pair of these on your volume and tone pots, then all bets are off!

  • We assume no liability for unexpected mojo, hoodoo or joo joo.
  • We have heard reports that these knobs may impart supernatural boogie capabilities.  (This has yet to be proven.)
  • Note:  We discourage anyone from taking a Voodoo Skull-laden cigar box guitar to the crossroads.

This is a pack of two shiny chrome metal skull knobs with faux ruby eyes. These are wild looking knobs that stand out like Ralph Macchio at Legba's party.  Perfect for electric guitar, cigar box guitar, amplifier or other special build. These are made to fit a knurled 6mm potentiometer shaft, and they also include a set screw. We also provide an allen wrench with these for tightening the set screw. They require reaming out with a drill bit to make them fit a 1/4" potentiometer shaft.

Buy enough to replace the knobs on every guitar you own...


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