3-pack Neutrik 1/4-inch Mono Guitar Jacks

  • 3-pack Neutrik 1/4-inch Mono Guitar Jacks
  • 3-pack Neutrik 1/4-inch Mono Guitar Jacks


This is a 3-pack of 1/4" Neutrik brand mono phone jacks, with a 9.5mm-long threaded shaft and fastontabs. These jacks are perfect for all sorts of electric guitars, cigar box guitars, and general audio usage. These are not cheap, chintzy jacks that will bend and break with use... these are sturdy, well-made jacks that have been proven tried and true by experienced guitar builders and repairers over the years.

Item specifications:

Neutrik Part Number: NYS229L
Connector Type: Jack
Gender: Female
Contact Resistance: <10mOhm
Dielectric Strength: 0.5kVdc
Rated current per contact: 20A
Lifetime: >1000 mating cycles
Panel Thickness: 6.5mm
Contact Plating: SnCe
Contacts: Bronze (CuSn6)
Insert: Insulation Board
Shell: Brass (CuZn39Pb3), gal Ni plated
Solderability: Complies with IEC 68-2-20
Temperature Range: -20C to +70C

These jacks will accomodate a panel thickness of up to 6.5mm, much thicker than the 3.5mm jacks other suppliers provide.

An electric pick-up is a sure-fire way to take your cigar box guitar or other build to the NEXT LEVEL, and many builders report that their instruments are much more attractive to potential buyers if they include a pickup. So here is your chance to take the plunge (or at least half of the plunge - you still need a pickup of some sort) without dropping a huge wad of cash!

These are brand new items and will ship within 1 business day of your order. Buy in bulk and save, and buy with confidence!

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