C. B. Gitty

6pc. Black "Half Moon" 3L/3R Sealed-Gear Tuners

  • 6pc. Black "Half Moon" 3L/3R Sealed-Gear Tuners
  • 6pc. Black "Half Moon" 3L/3R Sealed-Gear Tuners
  • 6pc. Black "Half Moon" 3L/3R Sealed-Gear Tuners


This is a 6pc set of Black-plated sealed-gear guitar tuners with classic "half moon" (or Lima bean) style tuner buttons, set up for "3 Left/3 Right" configuration on the headstock.

These tuners feature screw-in style bushings instead of the press fit variety, with a single screw used to mount them from the back. The bushing screws directly into the main tuner housing, through the headstock, for a snug, secure fit. The washer goes on the front of the headstock between the bushing nut and the wood, for a stylish, distinctive look.

These great tuners can be used on cigar box guitars, regular guitars, diddley bows, banjos -- pretty much any stringed instrument that can be set up with a standard machine head!  

These tuners are intended for headstocks that are between 0.46" (11.72mm) and 0.65" (16.5mm) thick. A good rule of thumb is 1/2" to 5/8" thick, with 9/16" being the ideal. Trying to use these with thicker or thinner headstocks may not work.

These tuners include 6 metal black-plated screw-in bushings, screws and washers.

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