Chrome "Snake Oil" Mini Humbucking Pickup Pair

  • Chrome "Snake Oil" Mini Humbucking Pickup Pair
  • Chrome "Snake Oil" Mini Humbucking Pickup Pair
  • Here's the "under the hood" view of these pickups. Two separate coils around parallel steel bars with a shared ferrite magnet between them.


Shane Speal, the King of the Cigar Box Guitar, says "These are my favorite pickups... bar none! They're the perfect mix of smooth 'molasses' blues tones of a humbucker and mean 'snarl' of a single coil."

What you will receive is a matched set of mini chrome covered-humbucker pickups, meant to be used near the neck and bridge of an electric guitar. This pair includes two screws and two springs per pickup. The pickups are rated at ~12.55KOhm.

Here's blues man Larry McCray trying out a Highwood Guitars build by customer Jason Mills, which features the chrome version of one of these pickups:

The dimensions of the chrome-covered portion are 2.66L" x 1.10W" x 0.66" high. The distance between the screw holes is about 3.09". The core of the pickup is a ferrite magnet, otherwise known as ceramic.

As shown in the photos, these pickups come with springs and screws for mounting. We also have Stainless Steel and Hardwood mounting rings for these pickups.

Watch Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar, run this pickup through its paces...


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