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C. B. Gitty

23-inch Scale Cigar Box Guitar Fretboards - Choose Wood & Fretting Options!

$23.99 - $49.99


Select your desired wood type and fretting options above.

These custom, American-made fretboards are designed specifically for use on cigar box guitars with necks 1 1/2" wide. The fretboard is 20 3/8" long, 1/4" thick and has 20 frets, spaced for a 23" scale length. We offer these in three beautiful wood types and two fretting options: either Slotted or Fully Fretted (if you want blank fretboards, check out our 25-inch fretboard listing). Whichever option you choose, they are ready to be put to use on your next cigar box guitar.

  • Slotted: An otherwise blank fretboard, with fret slots pre-cut to 23" scale
  • Fully Fretted: Fretted with medium nickel-silver fretwire to 23" scale; frets are installed, with finished and smoothed ends - ready to glue onto a neck.

These fretboards are handcrafted in the C. B. Gitty workshop, and we do our best to mill each one to exacting specifications. However, please note that each piece will be different in appearance from the ones in the photo. Keep in mind that these are unfinished fretboards, so once you apply your favorite finish the color will darken and become more lustrous than what is shown in the photos.

We mill, slot and fret these fine products in our own New Hampshire workshops, and use them on the cigar box guitars we build in-house. We are proud to make them available to CBG-builders all around the world.

Also be sure to check our Cigar Box Guitar Necks, which work great with these fretboards (choose the unfretted option)!

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