Open-Gear Tuners for 3-String Cigar Box Guitars - Choose Color & Alignment

$4.79 - $4.99


These tuners are an affordable option for Cigar Box Guitar builders on a budget. They have been used on thousands of instruments all around the world, with great results. Try them and see why!

We've set them up for either "2 Left/1 Right" or "2 Right/1Left" configuration on the headstock, depending on the option you choose. Note that the "left" and "right" designation refers to where they are mounted when looking at the BACK of the headstock.

The bushings/ferrules included with this offer are chromed plastic, so be sure to tap them in gently so you don't break them. We recommend a 5/16" hole for the bushings. 

These great tuners can be used on cigar box guitars, regular guitars, diddley bows, banjos -- pretty much any stringed instrument that can be set up with a standard machine head! 

This tuner set includes 3 press-fit plastic bushings, as well as 6 screws. The screws and bushings will match the color you select for the tuners. Note that the color selection is only for the plated metal portion of the tuners... all of the buttons of these are the whitish gray pearloid.

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