C. B. Gitty

Ukulele and Mandolin Fretting Scale Length Template - 4 Short-length Scales (13-15")



This is a handy fretting scale length template, with four separate fretboard templates showing fret placement for Soprano Ukulele (13"), Gibson F-style Mandolin (13.875"), Gibson A-style Mandolin (14.125") and Concert Ukulele (17") scale lengths. That's just $1.75 per template! These are the four most common small-sized instrument scale lengths. The outside dimensions of the paper are 17" Long x 11" high.

This template was designed by C. B. Gitty is printed in the USA on 60lb. heavy paper stock, perfect for use in your workshop. Some helpful usage notes are included to help you on your way. You can either use it as-is, laying your fretboard on it and making marks directly from the paper, or you could fold the sheet to present the fret lines on the edge, or you could even cut the templates out and store them separately - it's up to you!

Please note that the faint red text seen in the listing photo is a watermark that is not included on the printed version. The paper will come folded into quarters length-ways to ease shipment.

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