C. B. Gitty

Small Fret Bevel File: 4 3/4 inch

  • Small Fret Bevel File: 4 3/4 inch
  • Small Fret Bevel File: 4 3/4 inch


This is a beautiful, distinctive and extremely useful tool for finishing off your fret jobs on guitars, basses, banjos and other fretted instruments. This bevel file tool will give your fret ends a uniform 35-degree bevel, giving them that professional finished look and (with proper additional smoothing & polishing) make them much easier on the player's hands.

The length of this tool and file is 4 3/4", a perfect size for both larger and smaller instruments. The file is set at a 35-degree angle and held in place by hex-head set screws, so that it can be replaced if necessary. All edges are carefully rounded for user comfort, and rounded grooves are routed into the sides to help with grip. The file edges are also carefully rounded and smoothed so they will not catch on fret ends.

There is no reason to spend $10 or $15 more for an inferior plastic version of this tool at StewMac when you can have this beautiful, distinctive, hardwood, hand-crafted-in-the-USA model from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply. 

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