C. B. Gitty

Gold "Dual-Blade" Humbucker Pickup

  • Gold "Dual-Blade" Humbucker Pickup
  • Gold "Dual-Blade" Humbucker Pickup
  • Gold "Dual-Blade" Humbucker Pickup


Here is a classy, inexpensive little pickup for your cigar box guitar or other special build, featuring a "dual-blade" design. Best of all, it's a humbucking dual-coil pickup fit into a single-coil-sized body! These are hot pickups that spec out at around 9.6 KOhms of impedance. They have split-coil wiring, so that you can split the coils across a three-way switch if desired (each split coil has an impedance of about 4.8 KOhms. Mounting screws and springs are included, but please note that these pickups are meant to be screwed down into a wood block in the guitar body, rather than suspended from a mounting plate.

When wiring these, if you don't intend to split the coils, just leave the red and green wires connected (cover the exposed end of the leaves with electrical tape), then use the white lead for positive and the black for ground. If you want to split the coils, that's a bit more advanced and we suggest doing some internet research on how to do it - the Seymour Duncan site is a good place to start.

Measurements: 3 1/4 x 11/16 x 3/4"

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