Gold "Lipstick Tube" Single Coil Pre-Wired Pickup Harness w/ Volume Control



This magnetic pickup harness combines some of our best-selling components into one handy pre-wired rig that you can easily include in your next guitar, cigar box guitar or other build! This harness features a distinctive Danelectro-style gold "lipstick tube" single-coil guitar pickup (our product number 54-022-01), a high-quality 250KOhm Bourns volume pot (product # 50-009-01) and long-shaft Neutrik output jack (product #50-002-03). The lead between the pickup and pot is about 10 inches in length, as is the lead between the pot and the output jack. Because we buy these parts in bulk and are set up for "assembly line" soldering, we are able to offer these Assembled-in-the-USA harnesses as a great low price. And we even offer even better prices for larger quantities!

These are higher-quality pickups from a factory we have a long history with, compared to what you might find for cheaper from other suppliers.


The dimensions of these pickups are as follows:


  • Plate size: 3 13/16" long by 9/16" wide.
  • Pickup Cylinder size: 3 1/4" long by 5/8" wide.
  • Total Height (Pickup + plate): ~15/16"
  • Height of Pickup Cylinder above plate: 5/8"  
  • Recommended opening size (if using a cover plate): 4" x 13/16"
  • Recommended Opening Size (if not using a cover plate): 3 1/4" x 11/16"


PLEASE NOTE: These lipstick tube pickups are in the style of those used by the Danelectro company. They are supplied with springs and wood screws, and are meant to be mounted with the screws going down through the pickup plate, then through the spring, then into the wooden body of an electric guitar. These are not the suspended Telecaster/Strat-style pickups that hang from a pickup plate via a machine screw. Also, the mounting screw holes are spaced wider than those on a standard Telecaster/Strat-style single-coil pickup plate. Please be aware of this before ordering! A volume knob is not included with this product. They can be purchased separately here.

We now have laser-cut hardwood pickup rings for these pickups! Check out the listing here. We also offer a routing template that includes the recommended opening for this pickup.

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