C. B. Gitty

6-pack 1/4-inch Tuner Bushings/Ferrules - choose finish color

  • 6-pack 1/4-inch Tuner Bushings/Ferrules - choose finish color
  • 6-pack 1/4-inch Tuner Bushings/Ferrules - choose finish color


This is a nice set of 6 1/4" inside diameter tuner bushings, great for use on guitars, banjos, cigar box guitars, dulcimers and any other stringed instrument that uses standard post-style tuners. These can be used for new instrument building work or repair, and are a very cost-effective alternative to much more expensive varieties.

This product is available in Shiny Nickel, Flat Black, Antique Copper and Brass finishes, each of which is shown in the photos. Please note that the finish on the Antique Copper may come in a darker color (as shown) or a lighter color closer to copper. The Brass bushings can vary in level of shine from the image shown to a brighter finish. The installation sample photo to the right shows the Nickel variety. All types are available in packs of 6, 12 and 25 and in bulk packs of 100!

These bushings will work with two different drill hole sizes. With 7/32" they are quite snug and you have to tap them in with a hammer (preferably using a piece of wood to keep the hammer from marring the finish of the rim). With a 1/4" bit they are moderately snug but may need gluing, and with a 9/32 you'd definitely need to glue them in. It is always best to experiment with a piece of scrap before tackling your main build!

Measurement specs for this item are:
Inside Diameter: 0.25"
Outside Diameter (shank): 0.28"
Outside Diameter (Rim): 0.39"
Overall Height: 0.310"

Please note that this lot includes only the packet of 6 bushings, it does not include the tuners, headstock or any other parts. The other items and installation sample shown in the other pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

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