"Pawn Shop Monorail" Single-Coil Electric Guitar Pickup

  • "Pawn Shop Monorail" Single-Coil Electric Guitar Pickup
  • "Pawn Shop Monorail" Single-Coil Electric Guitar Pickup
MSRP: $18.99
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Here is a awesome retro-looking magnetic pickup for your cigar box guitar or other special build. This one is part of our "Pawn Shop" series of pickups, all of which have the look and feel of stuff you might see in old guitars hanging on the wall of a Nashville pawn shop.

This pickup has a single bar magnet without separate poles, so it will work great on a 3, 4 or more string guitar (because you don't have to worry about trying to line the poles up under the strings). It is mounted to the guitar's inside body (usually to a wooden block of some sort) via two wood-thread screws. PLEASE NOTE: the mounting holes on these are not threaded and these WILL NOT work for mounting in a standard Telecaster or Stratocaster pickguard/bridge plate! They are rated by the manufacturer at 3.77KOhms.

See the listing photo diagram for measurements (in millimeters) of these pickups. The height of these pickups above the mounting plate is about 3/4" (~19mm).

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