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Rod Piezo Acoustic Instrument Pickup

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  • Rod Piezo Acoustic Instrument Pickup
  • Rod Piezo Acoustic Instrument Pickup
  • Rod Piezo Acoustic Instrument Pickup
  • Rod Piezo Acoustic Instrument Pickup
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Are you (and your instruments) ready to graduate from piezo disk pickups?
This is a rod-style piezo, made to be installed beneath the saddle of a standard acoustic guitar as a pickup device. These also work GREAT as pickups in Cigar Box Guitars. Simply build it into your bridge, or mount it inside the box under the bridge with glue, and you'll be amazed at how much better it picks up the full range of tone when compared to a small disk piezo. These rod piezos come with a 2.5mm plug  at the end of a 12 1/2" braided lead. You can either cut the plug off and solder the lead direct to your jack, or you can get a 2.5mm jack and wire that into your circuit.

These piezo rods are 2 3/4 inches in length, about 3/32" wide and 1/8" in height. They can also be cut to shorter lengths if need be - see our how-to article on cutting rod piezos for more information.

Customer Gary Slavinsky has this to say: "I just received a piezo rod pickup for my old Takamine acoustic/electric. Despite it being the Christmas season, it was delivered a day earlier than promised. I am very happy with the pickup. I feel like I have a brand new guitar. It sounds SOOOOO much better now. This pickup was inexpensive, but the quality is much better than what Takamine used. I never knew how good this guitar could sound. Thank you. I am going to electrify all of my acoustics now that I see how easy the job is."


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