6pc. 3L/3R Open-Gear Economy Tuners - Choose your Color

$8.79 - $9.49


This is a set of 6 economy, open-gear tuners, perfect for use on guitars, cigar box guitars, dulcimers, banjos, diddley-bows and other stringed instruments. This set includes 6 chromed plastic bushings/ferrules, and 12 chrome or zinc-plated screws. Three of the tuners are for the left side of a headstock, and three are for the right side. The knobs are white pearloid and the metal parts (aside from the brass gear and black screw) are plated in their respective color.

The bushings/ferrules included with this offer are plastic, so you can't bash them into place with a hammer or they will crack. Make sure the hole you drill to accept them is properly sized! You can choose a set of metal bushings (nickel, black, brass or antique copper) for only $.99 more!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you select a Tuner Bushing finish option, that will apply only to the bushings included with the tuners. The tuner buttons/knobs are only available in the gray/white pearloid. Also note that the exact color of the pearloid buttons may vary from batch to batch (but never within a single packaged set) from light gray to white.

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