4pc. Black-Button Open Gear Ukulele Tuners - 2L/2R

  • 4pc. Black-Button Open Gear Ukulele Tuners - 2L/2R
  • 4pc. Black-Button Open Gear Ukulele Tuners - 2L/2R


This is a set of four black-button open gear ukulele tuners, in a 2-left 2-right configuration. These are economy grade tuners, with chrome-plated metal surfaces and a plastic tuning button. These are intended for use on ukuleles, which tend to have thinner headstocks than guitars, and the length of the tuner post reflects this (a headstock thickness of about 3/8" is recommended). The post length is  27/32" plate to tip, and approximately 3/8" plate to string hole. Each tuner mounts with two screws, which are provided. We also provide chromed plastic bushings. These are also great for 3 and 4-string cigar box guitars, though you may need to mount them on the sides of the headstock in classical guitar style due to the shorter post length.

Be sure to mount these on the correct side of the headstock, so that the brass gear is towards the body of the instrument, to prevent gear slippage as string tension increases.

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