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How to Build A Basic 3-string Cigar Box Guitar by Ben "Gitty" Baker - (eBook Download Version)



This 100+ page guide will walk you through all of the steps to build your very own 3-string slide cigar box guitar. Written by Cigar Box Guitar guru Ben "Gitty" Baker, this guide is chock full of photos and diagrams and easy-to-follow hands-on instructions and advice garnered from the author's decade-plus experience in building homemade instruments.

This is a practical introduction to easily build your own fun and fully playable three-string cigar box guitar (CBG), complete with clear and detailed how-to instructions and photos, resource links, tips and tricks, how-to-play lessons, and more.

In addition to the clear how-to instructions, this guide also includes practical advice on where and how to source parts, materials and tools, as well as informative historical snippets, how-to-play information and many free resources for further learning.

We also have this book in a print version, which includes extra reference information and resources.

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